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Kill Your Baby, Save A Tree

The Scientific American has an idea for addressing global warming (or, if you prefer, climate change; whatever):  contraception and abortion,  The goal: reduce the earth’s population and, therefore, the “carbon footprint” left by all those babies who are never permitted to get outside the womb alive.

David Bielo begins the article with a breathlessly delivered statistic and a hopeful prognostication:

An additional 150 people join the ranks of humanity every minute, a pace that could lead our numbers to reach nine billion by 2050. Changing that peak population number alone could save at least 1.4 billion metric tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere each year by 2050, according to a new analysis—the equivalent of cutting more than 10 percent of fossil fuel burning per year.

There are so many ways this could be lampooned, the mind boggles. 

First, there’s the whole climate change folderol, which in another decade will be the butt of endless jokes, except for Al Gore and his enviro-nuts who have drunk uncounted gallons of the kool-aid.

Second, there is the link between population and the so-called carbon footprint. On one hand, the advanced nations are already in population decline (a fact ignored by Bielo in The Scientific American), a decline so severe that it is nearing irreversibility in Russia, Italy, and the Netherlands.  A panicked South Korea, where three out of every four pregnancies ends in abortion,  has decided to begin enforcing a long-ignored ban on abortions because of its now-irreversible population implosion, a fate also facing Japan. 

According to The Scientific American, this is all a very good thing and needs badly to be replicated in the United States and in those parts of Europe not already in precipitous population decline. 

Finally, if one reads between the lines, it is not hard to find an anti-human, pro-anything-but-human ethic behind all this.  Jeff Poor, commenting on The Scientific American article for the Media Research Center Network, notes that even more radical ideas are out there:

Paul Watson, founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in 2007 called for the world’s population to drop below 1 billion, meaning roughly 5.7 billion people would have to go away.

Okay, that’s radical, I suppose.  But it is any more radical than agitating for increasing the number of abortions, already in the tens of millions annually?  Is it any more radical than agitating for entire nations to commit demographic suicide?

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Vile, Mindless Idiocy



Two things incline a Christian’s heart toward eternity – the lure of heaven and its glories, and revulsion with the world we are departing. The lure is usually fainter, for our glory is unimaginable for our world-darkened minds. But, revulsion with this world is usually never very strong, and so the Scripture exhorts us against loving the world.


Two things this week increased my revulsion with the world. If you can’t stand feeling revolted, go away until I post something else.


I expect many of you have already encountered the first thing I’ll mention: a story in the Yale Daily News which reports a Yale senior art student’s “performance project” in which she purports to inseminate herself repeatedly with a syringe, and then to induce a series of abortions on the results of her inseminations.


Yale officials insist it’s all a farce. The art student insists it’s for real, that university profs and deans supported her project, and she’ll show you video to prove that she’s not making it up. Supposedly, everyone’s outraged, even those who endorse abortion.


In the latter case, I wonder why. If an art student at an Ivy League university can conceive such a thing, enlist support of faculty and deans, and carry it out; if she can go forward with plans to “present” the record of her achievements as her senior project – well, what does that tell us about the political, cultural, and spiritual environment in which all this is going on?


Second thing I ran across is even more horrific, though most folks won’t think so. It comes from the Philadelphia Inquirer, in a story  about young evangelicals defying political/cultural stereotypes. The money quote runs like this: “I’m not for gayness, but everyone deserves to have a great life. I’m not for killing babies, but I’m pro-choice.”


The mind boggles.


How about:


“I’m not for hari-kiri, but the self-disemboweling community deserves to have a great life just as much as anyone else.”


I wonder what this nonstereotypical evangelical would say to this:


“I’m not for bombing abortion clinics, but I don’t condemn those that do.”



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Welcome Lie No. 2

James Taranto and his side-kicks at the Wall Street Journal turn up some amazing stuff on the web.  In “Best of the Web Today” for November 22, 2006, Taranto links to a Daily Mail photo feature  extolling the technological advances that allow us now to see inside the wombs of animals, to observe miniature elephants, dogs, and dolphins. Directing our attention to these things, Taranto exposes another welcome lie, this time concerning the nature of the human baby in utero.

The feature begins with these words: “An unborn elephant, tiny but perfect in every way. A dolphin swimming in the womb, just as it will have to swim in the ocean the moment it is born. An unborn dog panting. Each one amazing and now, thanks to these remarkable pictures, they can be seen for the first time.”

The photos truly are amazing.  Consider, for example, the tiny elephant shown below. 

 elephant in the womb

We are told at the Daily Mail that this baby elephant is six months along its 24 month gestation.  No problem at all understanding that this is an elephant in the making, not an eggplant or a centipede.  Moving along some further months,we see the next photo of a baby elephent. 

 another elephant in the womb

Here, the Daily Mail does not tell us this baby elephant is in the 24 month cycle.  But in the following photograph, we’re told that this baby elephant is at 12 months, that it weighs 26 pounds, and that It can use its trunk, and can curl it right up into its mouth and over its head.

 yet another elephant in the womb

In the photo below, we see a dog in utero at 52 days with a full coat of light cream hair.  Its whiskers are forming.

 dog in the womb

At day 63 (see below) we’re told that the pup is armed with the tools necessary to survive, including a highly acute sense of smell and the ability to hear sounds far beyond our human range of hearing.

 ‘nuther dog in the womb

Finally, below see the open-eyed dolphin baby, swimming in its mother’s womb.  These and many more photos are slated to be shown on the National Geographic Channel December 10, 2006.  See further photos from this upcoming presentation by clicking here.

 dolphin in the womb
One commenter at the Daily Mail says this: “It’s amazing to see that technology has developed so far and graces us with a gift such as these pictures. I am amazed at how alike human and animal embyos are! What a beautiful discovery.” 

human lurking in wombBut, as Taranto notes, this point of view must certainly be false!  By way of pointing to the Welcome Lie concerning humans in the womb, Taranto says, “”By contrast, as we all know from reading the newspapers, there is no such thing as an unborn human being. We develop by a little-understood process in which a clump of cells, similar to a tumor or a fingernail, miraculously becomes a baby at the moment the entire clump is exposed to air. That humans and animals come into the world in such radically different ways pretty much demolishes the notion that we are the product of Darwinian evolution, doesn’t it?”



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