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Temporarily Gone but not Forgotten

Temporarily off this scene

Temporarily off this scene

I thank all four (five?) of my readers for checking back from time to time.  Brother Mike, in a comment on the blog below, hopes things are well with me.  They are.

Things are so well that I’m busier than a one-eyed cat watching nine rat holes.  That means that some things simply have to wait till things calm down a tad.  Like this blog.

Meanwhile, I’m racing to the starting line — that’s right, starting line.  September 28 my bride and I take off on a 17 day road trip through the southeast states on a speaking tour that brings us to Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, multi-church meetings in Raleigh NC, Yorktown VA, and Canton, OH.  Lord willing, we’ll be visiting a few of you along the way. 

Much to discuss — not least of them Palin.  I’m distilling an analysis of that phenomenon for presentation on the speaking tour (it’ll be the main burden of my chapel presentation at the seminary).  After it’s been honed and seasoned by questions from listeners, I’ll post it here on this blog.



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