Vile, Mindless Idiocy



Two things incline a Christian’s heart toward eternity – the lure of heaven and its glories, and revulsion with the world we are departing. The lure is usually fainter, for our glory is unimaginable for our world-darkened minds. But, revulsion with this world is usually never very strong, and so the Scripture exhorts us against loving the world.


Two things this week increased my revulsion with the world. If you can’t stand feeling revolted, go away until I post something else.


I expect many of you have already encountered the first thing I’ll mention: a story in the Yale Daily News which reports a Yale senior art student’s “performance project” in which she purports to inseminate herself repeatedly with a syringe, and then to induce a series of abortions on the results of her inseminations.


Yale officials insist it’s all a farce. The art student insists it’s for real, that university profs and deans supported her project, and she’ll show you video to prove that she’s not making it up. Supposedly, everyone’s outraged, even those who endorse abortion.


In the latter case, I wonder why. If an art student at an Ivy League university can conceive such a thing, enlist support of faculty and deans, and carry it out; if she can go forward with plans to “present” the record of her achievements as her senior project – well, what does that tell us about the political, cultural, and spiritual environment in which all this is going on?


Second thing I ran across is even more horrific, though most folks won’t think so. It comes from the Philadelphia Inquirer, in a story  about young evangelicals defying political/cultural stereotypes. The money quote runs like this: “I’m not for gayness, but everyone deserves to have a great life. I’m not for killing babies, but I’m pro-choice.”


The mind boggles.


How about:


“I’m not for hari-kiri, but the self-disemboweling community deserves to have a great life just as much as anyone else.”


I wonder what this nonstereotypical evangelical would say to this:


“I’m not for bombing abortion clinics, but I don’t condemn those that do.”




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2 responses to “Vile, Mindless Idiocy

  1. It seems that as a society we are starting to plumb the depths of sinfulness. I just cannot believe that someone could conceive such an idea. If I were a premiller, I would say that the second coming is just around the corner.

  2. Hi, Leigh Ann,

    I am a premiller, and the thought has sometimes come to mind. But, I fear not, mostly because things — as bad as they are — can get a whole lot worse, and have been a whole lot worse in recorded history.

    A lot of folks compare modern wickedness to Rome. And, yes, there are some obvious parallels. But, really, we don’t have coliseums with gladiator battles. Yet.

    There are some macabre steps toward that, however, and it’s found in the entertainment industry. We just got the most recent edition of Forbes magazine and my wife was browsing through it. She ran across a “mixed martial arts” production company that looks awfully similar to gladiator contests. I haven’t read the article yet. I’ll blog on it later, perhaps.

    Still, it could be soooo much worse. And, barring something like a revival, it’s going to get a whole lot worse in the lifetimes of our kids.

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